Win one of the great prizes Al Ain Farms is giving away

The Grand Prize is a Nissan Patrol, with over a thousand other prizes.
Simply buy a participating pack (with a scratch & win sticker on it) to participate in the promotion.
Participation is allowed from 25 July until 23 September.
Prizes must be redeemed latest by 15th October 2019.

Step 1

Purchase Al Ain Farms
participating pack
(with a scratch & win
sticker on it).

Step 2

SMS to 5240 in the
following format:
[AAF] [Your First Name]
[Unique code of 7 characters].
For example:
AAF Zeina ui348u0

Step 3

Save the receipt with the correct
day of participation entry and a
valid Emirates ID to redeem
the prize.

There’s many more prizes!

Not only you can win a brand new Nissan Patrol, we are also giving away iPhones, Apple Watches, caps, backpacks,
ice boxes, beach towels and beach balls to make you summer ready.
For additional enquiries relating to the promotion, please contact: